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5 X MOBILE PRESETS FOR RAW FILES ( so you can edit your DSLR pics on the go!)

Looking to put a new edgy look on your photos? Our newest pack will make you stand out from the crowd. Inspired by our current photography style these pink & purple tones are a creative twist on your regular colour palate.


Staring at all the tools in Lightroom can be daunting so we have created these presets as a shortcut to save you the headache. 

Presets are filters, but you can manipulate and fine tune them. They are a saved combination of sliders used in Lightroom to colour an image.

Over the past few years of travelling we have created these presets to use on all of our images you see on our instagram accounts. 

There are so many presets out there now, so how do you decide what is right for you? These have all been designed specifically for our style so if you follow @teganphillipa or @itsnedkelly on instagram then you are going to LOVE our packs!

We have tested these packs on a variety of different skin tones/ light/ backdrops but ultimately every image is different. Depending on where and the time of day you shot you may need to make a few simple adjustments.

Use these 4 main sliders to help your image pop a little more:

  • EXPOSURE (Lighten or darken your photo)
  • CONTRAST (Lighten or darken the shadows)
  • TEMP/TINT (Warm or cool)
  • VIBRANCE (Vibrance is a less aggressive version of ‘Saturation’ and helps make those colours pop or mellow them out).

We have included some tips in our installation guide on how to make your image perfect!

PLEASE NOTE: For desktop packs you will need a subscription for Adobe Lightroom for Desktop. 

Our Desktop packs are designed for images shot in RAW format. We have included DNG files to use on the Free Mobile app but again are designed for RAW files imported to mobiles - not recommended on images shot on mobiles as quality is a lot lower and you will not achieve the same results. 

For mobile shots see our MOBILE packs are designed for JPEG.

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