Fine Art Prints


  • Printed in Burleigh Heads Australia on museum grade, acid free 310gsm 100% Smooth Cotton Rag fine art paper using genuine Epson Ultra-chrome Pro inks on the latest Epson P20070 printer.
  • Each artwork is printed and framed to order, please allow up to 3 weeks for all orders to be dispatched. 'Print Only' orders will be shipped within 7 days, depending on capacity.


  • Each custom framed piece is hand made to order using sustainable, Australian grown Tasmanian Oak and carefully assembled by a small, professional team on the Gold Coast Queensland.

  • We use 20mm wide mouldings (frame) and help protect your print from UV damage by using shatter proof, museum grade Plexiglass acrylic.

  • Our custom timber framing options come in 3 finishes - Black, White or Tasmanian Oak.

  • Custom sizes and framing options are available upon request, please email hello@teganandnedshop.com


  • FREE SHIPPING Australia wide on both Print Only & Framed prints.

  • **International shipping is only available on 'PRINT ONLY' orders.
  • Each artwork is printed and framed to order, please allow up to 3 weeks for all orders to be dispatched. 
  • 'Print only' orders will be shipped within 7 days, depending on capacity.

*All prices are in AUD


Why buy TEGAN & NED Presets?

It seems the latest buzz is lightroom presets! We receive endless messages asking how & what we use to edit out images. So, the secret is out! Now YOU can use the settings we have specifically designed to one click transform your images! Yes, there are thousands of Lightroom Presets packs out there! It can be quite overwhelming. Ned and I have spent the past few years designing these presets to suit our style. They are all designed from scratch and have been perfected to fit best with our image style, which has admittedly changed over the years. Our best advice is to choose a pack from a Content Creator who’s photography / style / creativity / aesthetic you most identify with. These are the packs we both currently use on all our images.

Here are some frequently asked questions, please read before purchasing.

Why Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom Presets are a one click filter to achieving a professional standard of editing images. Instead of editing each image from scratch, we use the TEGAN & NED PRESETS, selecting one that best suits the image and then can adjust from there depending on lighting etc.

What Program do I need for DESKTOP PRESETS?

Ned and I have designed our DESKTOP PRESETS specifically for ADOBE LIGHTROOM CLASSIC (MAC & PC) These presets are designed for RAW files using DSLR camera. You can still use them for jpeg & Mobile images, however you won't get the same results. For JPEG/MOBILE we highly recommend our MOBILE PACKS.

What Program do I need for MOBILE PRESETS?

The FREE mobile app LIGHTROOM CC

Quick ways to fine tune after applying a TEGAN AND NED Preset.

The sliders we use most to adjust lighting/colouring are:


After applying the preset, simply slide the EXPOSURE bar up or down to achieve the right lighting.


Bring the shadows down or up for moodier or brighter look.


The simplest way to adjust skin tone is via the HSL/COLOUR Module We always play around with the Luminance & Saturation of ORANGE, this is constantly changing as everyone has a different skin tone and Lighting is always a factor.


Photos vary so much with lighting eg Morning glows, rainbow sunsets, gloomy days. A quick fix to warm or cool off your image is via the TEMP slider.

What Camera do you use?

Most of our content is shot using a NIKON D750. We shoot in RAW format and our go to lenses are: Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 (good all rounder lens), a Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 (great for portraiture and depth of field), Nikon 14 - 24mm f/2.8 (landscape/ exaggeration). We both learnt photography using an entry level Cannon with a 50mm lens. Eventually upgrading a few times & figuring out what equipment was best suited for us.

How do I install TEGAN AND NED MOBILE Presets?

Once purchased you will receive an email with download link with a zipped file that contains your Tegan & Ned Presets, Installation Guide, and a short demonstration video.


Do you accept Refunds?

Our Presets are in fact NON REFUNDABLE, this is due to the fact that once the presets packs are downloaded, we can’t get them back. If you have any enquiries regarding your purchase please email us!