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Tegan + Neds Dolce Vita Pack includes 9 Presets!

Dolce Vita Preset Pack is designed to infuse your photos with a summery, film-inspired aesthetic effortlessly. With a focus on warm tones, subtle contrasts, and nostalgic Vibes, these Presets provide a quick and effective way to achieve a cohesive look that enhances the mood and charm of your images.

Perfect for capturing and recreating the essence of summer and the timeless appeal of classic film photography in your photo projects, weather you edit RAW or JPEG files, this pack is for you!


Navigating the array of tools in Lightroom can be overwhelming, so we've designed these presets as a shortcut to spare you the frustration. Presets function like filters, but they offer flexibility for manipulation and fine-tuning. Each preset represents a saved set of sliders in Lightroom used to enhance the colors of your images.

Throughout our years of travel, we've curated these presets for all the images you see on our Instagram accounts. With countless presets available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Ours are uniquely crafted to reflect our personal style. If you follow @teganphillipa or @itsnedkelly on Instagram, you'll adore our packs!

NOTE: Our Lightroom Mobile Presets are tailored for RAW and JPEG files. While we've extensively tested these packs across various skin tones, lighting conditions, and backgrounds, each image is unique. Depending on your shooting location and time of day, you may need to make minor adjustments. Utilise these five primary sliders to enhance your image:

  • EXPOSURE - Lighten or darken your photo 

  • SHADOWS  - Is a great place to start if you want to add subtle contrast
  • CONTRAST - Will brighten the highlights and darken the the darker parts of your image

  • TEMP/TINT - Warm or cool your image depending on your situation and vision. White balance of your images can vary quite substantially 

  • VIBRANCE - Vibrance is a less aggressive version of ‘Saturation’ and helps make those colours pop or mellow them out). 

Don't have a laptop? No problemo! Once you receive your email with your new presets, you can easily install them using just your mobile device. The installation guide is included in the zip folder!

Our presets are NON REFUNDABLE. This is due to the fact that once the preset pack(s) are download, we can’t get them back.

If you have inquiries regarding your purchase please email us at

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